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Free Climbing Moonlight Buttress

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In the big wall free climbing world, the aesthetic sandstone crack system on Moonlight Buttress stands as an iconic line on nearly every climber's life list. But for Eddie Bauer athlete Katie Lambert, one milestone on...

First Free Ascent in Yosemite, The Liberty Project | Cedar Wright

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1.48K Views0 Comments A beautiful video which breaks down the FIRST FREE ASCENT of the Southwest face of Liberty Cap in Yosemite by Cedar Wright and Lucho Rivera. After his friend Lucho Rivera was hit by a fall...

Tommy Caldwell on The Dunn-Westbay, 5.14 at nearly 14,000 feet

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from Cedar Wright After a year of R.D.&D., BlueWater Ropes is proud to introduce the 9.1mm Icon. Heavy lab testing proves this is the most durable 9.1mm in the world, but we believe in real world testing, that's wh...

BD athletes Kate Rutherford & Brittany Griffith attempt Venturi Effect (IV 5.12)

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Black Diamond athletes Kate Rutherford and Brittany Griffith hiked in to the High Sierras' famed Incredible Hulk to have a go at the 1200-foot granite wall's prime line, Venturi Effect. Stacked with numerous techy pit...

The North Face: Low’s Gully, Borneo Big Wall Expedition 2009

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Wild rumors of big walls bring Alex Honnold, Conrad Anker, Mark Synnot, Jimmy Chin, and Kevin Thaw to Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo for some epic first ascents.

Free South Africa – Big Wall Free Climbing in Patagonia with Nico, Sean & Ben

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Patagonia ambassadors Nico Favresse and Seán Villanueva with mandolin and tin whistle in hand and photographer Ben Ditto on the Central Tower of Torres del Paine for more extreme jamming and the first free ascent of t...

adidas Outdoor: Civetta – Done in a day (long version)

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Enjoy the long version of the first repetition of 'Chimera Verticale', a 15-pitch route located at Civetta in the Dolomites. In addition to this climb, Jakob Schweighofer and Florian Wurm had to overcome a fast 14Km/8...

Salathe Wall free – Steph Davis

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from steph davis I freed the Salathe Wall in October 2005. An amazing girl I met on the top of El Cap while stashing gear, Cybele Blood, helped me out by belaying and jugging the wall with me and diving into the a...

The Nose on El Capitan, Yosemite National Park

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Help Mark & Janelle Smiley keep the videos coming in 2013. Donate to their kickstarter campaign today! _______________________________ Janelle and I climbed the Nose over 4.5 days Oct 8-12. I...

The Journey | Three Whole Days

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from Mountain Hardwear Mike Libecki, Angie Payne, and Ethan Pringle traveled to a remote fjord on the southeast coast of Greenland to climb. Tucked away beneath a looming cirque of granite peaks for two weeks, the...

COCHAMÓ, rock climbing. ACECINE Producciones

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Los hermanos Señoret; Cristobal (Tola) y Joan (Joao), atletas auspiciados por Mammut Chile, marca a la venta en todas las tiendas Andesgear, se están dedicando profesionalmente a la escalada Alpina, Clásica y Big Wall...

Part 2 – Alex Honnold FA of A Gift From Wyoming (5.13) on Yosemite’s Leaning Tower

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BD Athlete Alex Honnold wants to be left alone. No, not really, but he did take the unusual approach of climbing alone on fixed lines as he worked to free a route on Yosemite's Leaning Tower, a 1500-foot prow of overh...

Unwrapping Mi Regalo Favorito, El Potrero Chico, w/Alex Honnold, February 2013

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from Josh McCoy Some GoPro footage from the Mi Regalo mission. This new route, 15 years in the making, goes out the awesome Outrage Wall, then continues up roughly parallel with Time Wave Zero, taking a much harder...

Alex Honnold – first ascent of A Gift From Wyoming (5.13) on Yosemite’s Leaning Tower

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from Black Diamond Equipment BD Athlete Alex Honnold wants to be left alone. No, not really, but he did take the unusual approach of climbing alone on fixed lines as he worked to free a route on Yosemite's Leaning...

Salathe – El Capitan, Yosemite

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from Mark Smiley We are trying to keep the dream alive and the videos coming by raising funds to continue filming classic climbs in 2013. If you enjoy these trip reports, and videos, please consider donating, then...

В Нос Эль-Капитану [ El-Capitan.The Nose ]

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from Valery Semenov 98% gopro

Facebook Stories: The Dawn Wall (Tommy Caldwell)

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Tommy Caldwell's dad introduced him to rock climbing at the age of three and by 16, Tommy was a world champion. For the last five years, Tommy has been attempting to climb a shear 3000-foot rock face that many conside...

Making Tommy (Tommy Caldwell)

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When Tommy Caldwell's dad took him up the Twin Owls to fly his kite at age three, a lifelong obsession was born. In the ensuing decades, Caldwell's attitude, hard work and determination -- even through harrowing circu...

The Triple Header (Jeremy Collins and Tommy Caldwell)

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For Jeremy Collins and Tommy Caldwell, youthful attempts at America's national pastime left them throwing dirt clods from right field and catching stitches in the eye (never could catch the dang baseball!). So as adul...

The ascent of the Qualido big wall (Joy Division) by James Pearson

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Thursday 13 October, at 10,37 am The North Face® Athlete James Pearson successfully achieve the ascent of the Qualido big wall line called Joy Division, one of the hardest granite multpitch in the alps. The route i...

EpicTV Interviews: David Lama

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from EpicTVAdventure David Lama has come off an outstanding season, posting the 1st free ascent of the Compressor route on Cerro Torre, and a near free ascent on Eternal Flame of the Nameless Tower. We sat him do...

Teaser Groenland 2012 “groupe expé”

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from redpointmovie Au terme d'environ trois ans de préparation dans les Alpes, ce projet a pour but d'effectuer un voyage d'un mois dans l'optique de faire de la montagne et de l'escalade avec un groupe solidaire ...

Leo Houlding Power of the Planet

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Leo Houlding climbing on El Capitan, Yosemite. Part of the BBC2 series "power of the Planet" exploring the creation of the Earth this episode looks at ice and how glaciers formed much of the world we see including Yos...

Petzl RocTrip Argentina 2012 – epic moments

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from Petzl-sport The first Petzl RocTrip was launched in Millau, France in 2002. Since then, Petzl has been organizing this gathering of climbers at exceptional sites around the world. In 2012, for the 10th anni...

Yosemite Nature Notes – Granite

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Many National Parks were founded on their geology, and Yosemite is known throughout the world for its exceptional high cliffs and rounded domes. Visitors to the park, from hikers to rock climbers, experience a landsca...

Lynn Hill and Katie Brown climb the West Face, Leaning Tower, Yosemite

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In the summer of 2005 Lynn Hill and Katie Brown made the first female "free" ascent of the West Face (V 5.13b/c A0), Leaning Tower, Yosemite. See Lynn and Katie's climb and find out about the challenges they faced on ...

Drei Grazien

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Tri dlhe vikendy, traja lezci, tri nity v klucovej dlzke, tri posledne piva, tri gracie. Ako to vsetko bolo pri slovenskom prvovystupe v jumej stene masivu Dachsteinu? Duri a Adi opat v akcii, kde nechyba zabava, ani ...

Push It Trailer

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from Jen Randall, Light Shed Pictures Here it is - the trailer for my long term climbing film project, Push It, which will be screening at various mountain film festivals over the coming months, including Edinburgh...

The Climbing of Mt. Pomiu, China

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I went climbing Mt. Pomiu, the most beautiful big wall in southwestern China, with two friends in July 2012. The entire video was shot with a Nokia 808.

Pan Aroma 8c+/500 (Tre Cime di Lavaredo) – The Climb of the Pou Brothers

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Iker und Eneko Pou bei der Durchsteigung von Pan Aroma an der westlichen Zinne in den Dolomiten. Eine der spektakulärsten Routen der Welt. Weitere Infos:

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